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Associate Members


Associate members are individuals, corporations, or firms that manufacture or distribute equipment used by the scrap recycling industry or provide specialty services to the industry. Associate members affiliate with the chapter, attend and participate in national and chapter programs, and frequently exhibit at ISRI and/or chapter expositions and advertize in ISRI's Membership Directory and/or Scrap magazine. Their involvement with active members in the life of the association is mutually beneficial, especially in the exchange of information.



Active Members


Active members shall include United States, Canadian, and Mexican individuals, firms, or corporations or the division or subsidiary or department thereof who are engaged in business as recyclers as defined herein. A "recycler" is on who processes or otherwise handles scrap metals, paper, plastics, glass, textiles, or rubber, for profit, as an agent or principle, with or without physical possession of the material, with the result that a substantial amount of the scrap materials are consistently utilized to manufacture a product that otherwise could have been produced using virgin materials.




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